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Zasady is a group of entrepreneurial online marketing experts who help business owners find out why they are not ranking higher than their competitors on search engines. Even better, we have the know-how and drive to help them do something about it. Our tools and resources help examine and put into action the four main principles that are common among websites that rank at the top of Google.  

We think the old school “employee mindset” would fall short when looking out for the best interests of our clients. As a result, each team member is a part owner of Zasady. This concept is one of our underlying principles for creating digital marketing strategies for entrepreneurs, by entrepreneurs. Each one of our team members can think like an entrepreneur to develop and implement the best digital marketing strategies that truly put each client’s needs first.

We are a growing team of entrepreneurial digital marketing experts connected by technology with a common desire to help entrepreneurs. You can learn what it takes to join our team here.

Eric VanZwieten

Eric VanZwieten

Eric has been a business owner, an entrepreneur, and an adventurer from a young age, starting his first company at the age of 19 to pay for college. It has grown over the past 25 years into a multi-state service business that has employed hundreds of exceptional people over the past two decades. This business was founded and operates on a core set of principles: taking care of employees, providing outstanding service to customers, and developing technology to foster growth.

Eric has been intimately involved in traditional marketing since the early 1990's. After years of paying a digital marketing company, he realized that his principle-driven way of doing business was needed in the digital marketing industry. It was an unlikely set of events that lead to the birth of Zasady. 

Here is the story of how those events unfolded in Eric’s own words:

“Even though I was technically savvy and deeply involved in marketing, I didn’t fully understand digital marketing because it seemed too confusing. I didn’t feel like I had the time to learn how digital marketing worked, but I knew it was essential to business growth. So, I hired a company to do it for me. The company I hired was supposed to create and put in place marketing plans for my SEO, Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, and Social Media.  
That firm sent me fancy reports every month for a number of years.  I pressed them about why our phone wasn’t ringing more, and they would say ‘Digital marketing takes time, you will see results in three more months.’  Eventually, I decided to terminate their services and run my company's digital marketing campaigns myself.
I sought to learn all I could about digital marketing. After several months of taking courses, reading books, researching, and implementing digital marketing strategies for my service company, it all came together and my focus shifted entirely. I discovered the four main principles that are common among all websites that rank high on Google. After just a couple of months applying these principles in my business, we started ranking at the top of Google and grew faster than we had in years. It was the best case study that I could have asked for as a new digital marketer.
My situation wasn’t unique. After realizing how other entrepreneurs could benefit from what I learned, I decided to dedicate the next phase of my life to educating fellow entrepreneurs.  I've started writing a book entitled "The Digital Marketing Epidemic" to expose the underbelly of the digital marketing industry.  This book will help many business owners figure out if they are getting ripped off and provide an action plan on what to do about it.
I’ve also been creating free guides and a free online training system to help entrepreneurs learn how to manage their own digital marketing campaigns. I won’t be able to personally help every business owner, so we’re creating free resources to help entrepreneurs help themselves. If you would like to be notified when our free “Digital Marketing Training System for Entrepreneurs” is available, you can sign up below.

Get notified when our free “Digital Marketing Training System for Entrepreneurs” is available.

If you would like to be notified when our free “Digital Marketing Training System for Entrepreneurs” is available, leave your email in the box below.

After other business owners found out how well my digital marketing efforts were working, many asked me to take over the digital marketing for their companies, too. They (like me) were tired of digital marketers using words like click-through rates, conversions, impressions, cpc, ppc and other confusing terms without clear explanations. They thought that the digital marketers they had been paying were just trying to confuse them, instead of implementing an effective digital marketing strategy. I found that once I explained digital marketing principles in simple terms, other entrepreneurs were able to understand it. Even better, they were able to actively contribute to high quality campaigns.
From these conversations, I discovered some contributing factors that are causing the spread of the digital marketing epidemic, ultimately costing business owners millions of dollars. Digital marketers have been taking advantage of three main things. First, they know that entrepreneurs think they need digital marketing (not all do). Second, they know most entrepreneurs don’t think they can do search engine optimization and marketing (SEO and SEM) themselves. Third, they take advantage of entrepreneurs because it is difficult for us to detect what is going on due to their lack of transparency and accountability — if they send a confusing report at the end of the month, business owners will think they are doing something. And, just like I did for years, business owners pay the bill every month, which makes us believe that we have digital marketing all taken care of. A lot of digital marketers understand how to take advantage of business owners far more than they understand digital marketing. Once I discovered this, I knew I had to do something about it.
I decided to team up with a long-time web development expert, Chris Turowski to provide a solution to the digital marketing epidemic. This is why we started Zasady. Our name means “principles” and reflects two concepts that are central to our mission. First and foremost is the concept of building a team to provide business owners with a source for digital marketing services performed transparently in a principled manner. Second, we are on a journey to end the digital marketing epidemic by teaching business owners how to apply the four main principles found in websites that rank high on Google. This is the foundation of effective digital marketing, and it’s our mission to help business owners succeed in their online marketing goals.
Chris and I are a natural fit due to our shared goal to bring a principled, transparent, and collaborative approach to protect business owners all over the world from getting ripped off by digital marketers. It is our belief that business owners should either do digital marketing themselves or actively collaborate with the people they are paying, instead of blindly handing it over to someone else. A company's digital presence should closely resemble their physical presence. When this is complete, search engines will naturally have enough information to rank that company’s site at the top of Google. This concept, coupled with our four principles of digital marketing, is what we call a digital ecosystem. A healthy digital ecosystem is very difficult to build without the collaboration of business owners and their internal teams. It is through this type of collaborative effort that we plan on ending the digital marketing epidemic and helping entrepreneurs all over the world.” - Eric
Chris Turowski