Andrew Boeder

Director of Operations

Andrew Boeder plays an important role in our partner development team.  His primary responsibilities involve developing partner relationships and implementing new strategies and managing the day to day needs of our partners. He got involved in Zasady when Eric and Chris set out to change the digital marketing paradigm by leveraging modern technology and machine learning affordably for all sizes of businesses.

Andrew learned the value of attention to detail, time management, and organization early in his adult life when he attended the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD. Throughout his entire career in sales and customer service, principled business practices have been of utmost importance to Andrew. Not only does this company uphold high standards, it also provides the flexibility and inspiration to continue growing and learning as a company and as an individual.

When Andrew began his journey into digital marketing he was surprised at how closely the online sphere mirrors a natural ecosystem. Just as in nature, continual evolution through inquiry, adaptation, and staying up to date is essential to the survival of all successful digital marketing programs.

These are skills that Andrew has devoted his life to mastering. Helping partners grow their businesses by developing a healthy and evolving online ecosystem in a principled manner is what drives Andrew on a daily basis.

Andrew and his family currently live in St. Augustine, Florida. He spends most of his free time in the ocean, hiking, or outside cooking on a fire with a great glass of wine.

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