Andy Potterfield

Project Manager

Andy was an engineering student at Colorado State University when he suddenly decided to shift his career goals completely. Instead of spending time with numbers and doing math and science all day, he wanted to spend time closer to people and explore his artistic side at the same time. That’s why he moved to New York City and joined the Culinary Institute of America.

After completing culinary school, Andy moved back to his hometown of Chicago and started a personal chef business where he met Andrew, our Director of Operations. Fast forward a couple of years, Andy moved west to California and opened his own restaurant in Santa Cruz, California, where he lives today.

When Covid hit and he was forced to shut his restaurant , it became clear to him that running a small business has many things in common with project management. Having an entrepreneurial mindset is all about planning, problem-solving, and putting the right people together for common goals. Since Andy had great success in doing all of these things, we were so happy when he decided to join team Zasady as one of our Project Managers.

Andy is also quite an outdoorsman. He enjoys hiking in the mountains, camping, fishing, and playing golf. Cooking remains his passion as he often throws dinner parties and backyard barbecues for his girlfriend and friends.

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