Attabeira German de Turowski

Social Media Marketing Manager

Attabeira was born in the Dominican Republic, growing up on a beautiful island has its benefits! Her passion for traveling sent her across the ocean, and she’s been exploring Europe and the United States ever since.

Atta’s always been intrigued by the power of words, different languages, and communities, thus it only made sense for her to turn these interests into a degree in Linguistics.

She’s found that her artistic expertise complements the creative drive required for Social Media Marketing. She joined Zasady because it allows her to stay curious about new technologies, work with interesting people, and make a difference in the world.

Zasady’s values have allowed her to return to her desire to give back, which began in 2007 when Atta volunteered as a Special Olympics Youth Ambassador. This passion then grew into working on social development and early education in less advanced areas of the Dominican Republic. The pursuit of change and making an impact combined with professional expertise is the exact set of values that Atta shares with Zasady.

Her greatest motivator is freedom. Whether it’s the creative freedom to express herself artistically through dancing, singing, and illustrating; professional freedom to constantly grow and learn new skills; or personal freedom to simply jump in the camper van and explore a new destination with her husband, kids, and family dog.

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