“Integrity and honesty matters not only when crossing the oceans. The digital marketing World would be much better off if everyone lived by these virtues on daily basis.”

Chris Turowski

CTO, Co-Founder

While being a natural jack of all trades, Chris has always been drawn to Web Development. He started his first company at age 17, creating websites for clients in his hometown. He built a website for his high school during the time when computers used to make loud, squeaky noises when connecting to the internet.

Back in the 1990’s, everyone seemed more familiar with the concept of a printed business card than an address with a “.com” at the end.During his college years, he developed an online education system for MBA students and graduated with a thesis about Semantic Web. He holds an MSc degree in Computer Science.

After moving to the United States from Europe, his role as a Web Developer, UI and UX Designer was essential in helping to build an Inc 500 company from scratch (starting with three employees and becoming the 24th fastest growing private company in the US within two years). It was during that time that he met Eric, and has been working with him ever since.Chris is passionate about sailing and traveling the road less traveled. He crossed the Atlantic in 2013, which turned out to be a prelude to meeting his wife and moving back to Poland (after living in the Dominican Republic for a few years). Since then they already build a campervan with their own hands and now continue to live in Poland with two small children and a dog.

He believes that sailing has taught him many lessons, many of which he strives to apply in both business and everyday life.

More Team Members

Attabeira German de Turowski

Social Media Marketing Manager

Victoria Gonzalez

Graphic Designer

Dominic Pinto Coelho

User Experience Designer