Dominic Pinto Coelho

User Experience Designer

Dominic grew up in a scenic village on the Atlantic Ocean. He holds a degree in Graphic Design. Early in his career he realized that the relationship between a product and a client is what excites him the most.

This led him to complete an intensive Web User Experience & Interface Bootcamp. Domingos is not your everyday designer. Aside from being artistic and having a graphic designer’s skill set, he is detail oriented with a strong engineering mindset. He’s fascinated by both customizing how the client’s journey will look and also by streamlining how it will work.

Of course, every project has different needs and Dom’s natural tendency to be free from conventions and resist mass production assures his unique approach to each and every project. As a User Experience designer, his main focus is to present a complex product or service in a way that is easy and beautiful to take in.

Dominic was thrilled to join Zasady’s team because of our work principles and humanitarian spirit. The opportunity to change the lives of so many people for the better, while constantly learning, adapting, and achieving new levels of expertise has him excited to work each day.

In his free time, Dom loves to go on excursions or relax with his girlfriend and family. He’s also driven by a Healthy Body: Healthy Mind philosophy, so when he’s not playing sports or hiking, you can probably find him preparing a deliciously healthy meal.

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