Eric has been a business owner and an adventurer from a young age. He started his first company in 1993 to pay for college. It grew into a service business that has employed hundreds of exceptional people over the past two decades in three states. His business was founded and operates on a core set of principles: taking care of employees, providing outstanding service to customers, and developing technology to foster growth.

Eric founded The Entrepreneurial Foundation For The Greater Good along with a group of entrepreneurs who are committed to creating significance and improving lives around the world.

Although Eric has been involved in marketing for the past few decades, It was an unlikely set of events that lead to the birth of Zasady.

“Even though I was technically savvy and deeply involved in marketing back in the 90’s, I didn’t fully understand digital marketing because it seemed too confusing. I didn’t feel like I had the time to learn how digital marketing worked, but I knew it was essential to our growth.

Once I understood how effective digital marketing was, I began to learn all I could. After several months of taking courses, reading books, researching, and implementing digital marketing strategies for my company, it all came together and my focus shifted entirely. I discovered the four main principles that are common among websites that rank high on Google and I learned how to transform a simple website into a customer generating machine. After just a couple of months of applying these principles in my business, we started ranking at the top of Google and acquiring new customers quicker than we had in years.

I quickly found out that my situation wasn’t unique and there were a lot of companies struggling to develop an effective digital marketing strategy.

I started creating free guides to help business owners learn how to manage digital marketing campaigns more effectively.  I found that once I explained digital marketing principles in simple terms, other business owners were able to understand it too.

I decided to team up with a long-time web developer I worked with over the years, Chris Turowski to provide a solution for business owners who were too busy to manage their own marketing campaigns. This is why we started Zasady. Our name means “principles” and reflects two concepts that are central to our mission. We provide business owners with a source for effective digital marketing services and we teach business owners how to apply some simple principles that are the foundation of effective digital marketing.

Chris and I are a natural fit due to our shared goal to bring a collaborative and integrated approach to marketing. It is our belief that business owners should either manage their own digital marketing themselves or actively collaborate with the people who are managing their campaigns for them.

An effective digital marketing system is very difficult to build without the collaboration of business owners and their internal teams.” – Eric

When Eric is not working you can find him traveling with effgg.org, watching his kids play sports or simply relaxing with a good book.

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Attabeira German de Turowski

Social Media Marketing Manager

Victoria Gonzalez

Graphic Designer

Andy Potterfield

Project Manager