Teri Stuckey

Partner Development Team

Teri studied marketing and business management and began applying her marketing skills early in her career at a software startup back when everyone was still on AOL.

The company quickly grew and Teri rapidly advanced to president of sales and vice president of operations.  In ten years, the company grew from a few employees to hundreds, drawing attention from national competitors and resulting in a very profitable exit.

Teri went on to work in various strategic marketing rolls including target marketing, corporate branding and digital marketing.  Most recently Teri has joined Zasady, an extraordinary team of entrepreneurial digital marketing experts connected by technology with a common desire to empower fellow entrepreneurs and end the digital marketing epidemic.

Teri grew up in a small rural town and has always been friendly, upbeat and personable. Truly gregarious, she has rarely met someone she didn’t like.  A warm smile is always on her face and watch out-she’s a hugger!  Her strong core values, honest intentions, and loving nature have driven her to befriend everyone she meets.

When not working with fellow entrepreneurs, you will find Teri with her husband in a horse barn or at a baseball game watching their two children participate in their favorite activities.

She also loves to travel, and discover new and different landscapes, cultures and wildlife.

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