“Anxiety and uncertainty of business growth is like being in a fog; it dissipates when the destination is made clear.”

Trent Soles

Partner Development Team

As a visionary and creative thinker, Trent has over 30 years of experience working with many influential business owners throughout the world. Because of his education and experience as an entrepreneur, he has gained perspective through his own successes and failures.

Trent is gifted at identifying roadblocks that many business owners commonly face. With his background and passion for the arts, he incorporates visual innovation with the unique goals of the company, to develop profitable strategies for the marketplace. His greatest inspiration is watching companies flourish and ultimately influence their community for the greater good.

The privilege of building trusted relationships with a variety of creative leaders is part of his personal goal, “To build bridges that make a difference in the lives of others.” He serves on the Zasady team, which stands on the principles of serving people, building valuable connections and doing work that matters.

The Zasady team proactively builds a platform for each company to expand and sustain their business, using a proven system. This proactive, sustainable program alleviates fear and uncertainty during the expansion of a business, and provides clarity for a successful future.

“Anxiety and uncertainty of business growth is like being in a fog; it dissipates when the destination is made clear.”

Along with creating a vision for businesses, Trent has always encouraged his wife (Michele) and their four grown children (and now six grandchildren) to dream big and “think outside the box.” In addition to composing and performing musically with his family, he also plays drums and sings at his church.

His most recent passion is HopefulJourney.org, where he and his wife share videos and stories to uplift others along the journey of life.  Tent is also a member of the Entrepreneurial Foundation for the Greater Good (effgg.org).

Because each day is precious, Trent’s biggest desire is to encourage others to live life to the fullest, by building a successful business/family balance. He agrees with Ray Dalio, author of Principles- Life and Work, “Make your passion and your work one and the same, and do it with people you want to be with.”

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